One Year Old Birthday for Lily

January 28, 2019 Crystal

Lily turned one year old. Lily was very cooperative especially to only be one year old. I had several props and she jumped right in and just played with each one. She wasn't crazy about the hat. It came off pretty fast. Luckily I got one great shot before she removed it. I had a bubble machine in front of her in the tub. The bubbles in the tub was simply fiberfil. Lily was amused at her reflection in the mirror. My favorites were her Dad reading the Jungle Friends book to her. Love that connection. You could see his love for her in his eyes. If only every child was as cooperative as Lily!!

Cake smash

Ladybug Cake

One year old Birthday Party

Peek a boo

Lily is one

Little lamb


Bubble Bath


I see you - reflections

Baby girl

Reading with Dad

Jungle Friends Book