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Texas Panhandle Photographer - Families, Seniors, and Weddings

I'm in the panhandle of the great state of Texas, where you can see for miles and miles, with breathtaking sunsets.  One day, you will be gone and your children and grandchildren will be left with pictures to remember you by.  Make sure you have photos of you no matter what you look like.  They will just want to see YOU.  Once those memories are lost in time, what will you have to show?  Laughter, happiness, family, and tradition are my passion.  Capturing those smiles and family togetherness are the things I love about photography.  I would LOVE to hear YOUR story and help you tell that story with pictures that you will cherish today and for your future generations.  When editing, I'm drawn to light and airy with vibrant colors.  Welcome to Crystal Murdock Photography!  I'm so glad you stopped by.  Now kick off your boots and stay awhile.